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... are the nine attributes of heaven
which we experience and enjoy
as we embrace our fantastic journey,
the ...



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+ Humanity stands at a crossroads between horror and hope. In choosing hope, we must seed a new consciousness, a radically fresh approach to life drawing its inspiration from perennial spiritual and moral insights, intuition and experience. We call this new awareness interspiritual, implying not the homogenization of religion, but the recovering of the shared mystic heart beating in the center of the world's deepest spiritual traditions." -- Brother Wayne Teasdale in The Mystic Heart

+ To base a religious philosophy on questions instead of answers increases the likelihood of wonder and amazement. -- Lawrence Kushner

+ "Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." -- Albert Einstein


The sages of the ages all tell us that we are intimate and intricately connected to our source, to each other, to everything. We are blessed today with wisdom from many, many sources including but not limited to the great wisdom traditions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism.

+ The core message of all of the sages of the ages is always the Perennial Philosophy, or Mysticism. Aldous Huxley was one of the great teachers of the Perennial Philosophy. He wrote a comprehensive and illuminating book called The Perennial Philosophy in the 1940s. In an introduction to a translation of the BHAGAVAD GITA, he wrote a brief summary of his ideas.


(The following is a section on the heavenly attribute of Wisdom for THE AMAZING JOURNEY which explores each of the 12 spiritual practices and 9 heavenly attributes which are promoted here.)

You have been practicing discernment and you have become wise. People are seeking you out now. They see heaven in you and they want and need what you are enjoying in abundance. Love is making you wise. Love is connecting you to so much wisdom.

Keep going. Keep growing. Keep expanding your awareness of the great variety of possibilities. You are in heaven and you are wise. We are all in heaven and the wise realize it, live it, enjoy it fully.

Seek more wisdom every day. Seek it and share it. I give it to you freely. "Seek and you will find."

Now you know. You know what heaven is. You are here and you know it. You have found it. You have made it yours and you know you want to share this joy with everyone. The wise know that the abundance of Love is for every one and must be shared freely, offered fully, given and received faithfully.

The wise know that heaven is here and we are creating a more heavenly earth. It takes wisdom to know how to do this. It takes wisdom to know that it can be done and is God's will. God's will be done. Heaven on earth. This is our mission, our responsibility, our joy, our purpose, our prayer.


It is God's will that no one is left behind when abundance is so freely given. It is God's will that the gift of joy is given freely to every one.

It is God's will that everyone becomes wise. It is God's will that the beauty of everything is revealed to all -- including the beauty of YOU. It is God's will that everyone realizes and receives the unconditional, unlimited, uniting LOVE which is at the heart of creation and is pervasive, reaching every atom and every quark. It is God's will that the truth be known, the truth which sets us free, the truth of abundance, joy, wisdom, beauty, love, peace, justice and freedom. It is God's will that the peace of heaven is realized everywhere. It is God's will that everyone is treated with justice, wrongs righted, broken relationships reconciled, enemies become friends. It is God's will that we all enjoy and use the gift of freedom to set every one free.

The wise know this. The wise act. The wise make it so. Use the wisdom God gives to you freely and abundantly. Use it to bring everyone to the heavenly feast which is set before us all right now, right here.






  • Mythos and Logos offers a multitude of resources on the perennial philosophy.

  • Spirituality & Practice offers a multitude of resources for the journey of all seekers of wisdom.

  • Inner Frontier offers "The Sacred Art of Soul Making: Balance and Depth in Spiritual Practice" by Joseph Naft. This is a book which is entirely available on the website. Naft is a longtime teacher of spiritual wisdom who offers Weekly Inner Work at his wonderful website. You will find links to the books he has written.

    "Developing Wisdom" is a very illuminating Inner Work series on the topics of Regret, Self-Management, Deep Thinking, Natural Purity, Spiritual Efficacy, Asking, Conscience and Creative Wisdom.

  • Researchers of Truth offers the wisdom of the great Cypriot teacher and healer, Stylianos Atteshlis. This is Esoteric Christianity at its best. The approach here is a practical and compassionate way of learning and applying the Perennial Philosophy, or Mysticism.

  • Seaox offers a page on the Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh including his superb 14 precepts (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

  • The Sufi Order International offers wisdom from the great tradition of the Sufis, Muslims who embrace the perennial philosophy, or mysticism, and who seek to unite all wisdom traditions. Two great Sufis of ancient times are Rumi and Hafiz. A great Sufi teacher and writer of the early twentieth century was Hazrat Inayat Khan. He gave us The Ten Sufi Thoughts. If you like these, then definitely read his detailed elaboration of the Ten Sufi Thoughts.

  • An abundance of the wisdom of the great Sufi teacher Hazrat Inayat Khan is offered by Wahiduddin's Web. Each day you can find a challenging bowl of saki such as this one: "To fall beneath one's ideal is to lose one's share of life. If anyone asked me what is the life of life, and what is the light of life, what gives one interest in life, I should answer him in one word, and that is: the ideal. A man with wealth, with qualifications, with learning, with comfort, but without ideal to me is a corpse; but a man without learning, without qualifications, without wealth or rank, but with an ideal is a living man. If a man does not live for an ideal what else does he live for? He lives for himself, which is nothing. The man who lives and does not know an ideal is powerless and without light. The greater the ideal, the greater the person. The wider the ideal the broader the person. The deeper the ideal the deeper the person, the higher the ideal the higher the person. Without an ideal, whatever a man may be in life, life for him is worthless."

  • The Harmony Institute offers "The Ten Teachings of all Religions" by Gary L. Beckwith. He has written an excellent book elaborating on these teachings, The Message That Comes From Everywhere.

  • The Omkarananda Ashram offers Sayings of Swami Omkarananda. These sayings offer wonderful wisdom on the abundance of God's love and beauty and peace and joy. He reminds us that the practice of stillness is the essential path we must take in order to know that we are living in heaven right now, right here.

  • Celestine Vision offers The Celestine Insights" (find the link on the homepage) which are explained more fully in the books by James Redfield including THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, THE TENTH INSIGHT, THE TWELFTH INSIGHT and THE CELESTINE VISION.

  • Soulful Living offers "Yes, You're Flawed. And You're Perfect. Chew on That" by Victoria Moran. Excerpt: "What the mystics say about the world is that it's right on schedule. Even the awful parts have a place in the plan, although we're still supposed to work to make things better. They implore us to get along, not just because it's a good idea but because they know that there's only one of us here anyway. Yep, we're all part of a piece. And if that isn't weird enough, they say that everything is made out of Love, or Light (synonyms these folks use a lot), and this Love or Light is what we're made out of, too. We don't always seem like loving little sunbeams because we (our souls, to use a familiar term, as opposed to our ego-selves or personalities) opted to come here. Planet Earth. Disneyland of the cosmos. This is the place to rock and roll, people."

  • Diarmuid O'Murchu website
    His best known books include Quantum Theology (1996 - revised in 2004), Ancestral Grace (2008), Jesus in the Power of Poetry (2009), Christianity's Dangerous Memory (2011), In the Beginning was the Spirit (2012), God in the Midst of Change (2013) and On Being a Postcolonial Christian (2014).

  • I offer a list of many important spiritual websites at CONNECTIONS GALORE. I have not edited this page for several years so some links will probably be broken.