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  • Our trip to England - October 2003 - from planning to memories!

    Some great links will be here as well as some personal reflections. Check out my photos.



    + The Harthill webpage had a link to a a web page on Malpas in Cheshire which is a little town I happened upon earlier in the day. I took photos of the church inside and outside too! Then I walked on a public path through the fields. It was a glorious day.

    + I just found a web page on Harthill in Cheshire which is a little hamlet I happened upon as I was wandering around on October 23, 2003. I took photos of the church and school too! I had no idea on that beautiful day that I would move to Harts Hill (OK a little different than Harthill but close!) in Whitestown in less than 2 years. I live near the historic Hart's Hill Inn. Just like in Harthill in Cheshire, there is a Harts Hill Elementary School here in Whitestown which is part of the Whitesboro Central School district. For some reason both "Harts Hill" and "Hart's Hill" are used here.


    + I just found a lot of London information at the WFCR website related to their recent London theater-oriented tour.


    + I just uploaded some of my photos of the views from the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral. We climbed up as far as the public is permitted. I think it was 490 steps.


    + Virtual Salisbury makes it possible to see a whole lot of the town and the cathedral

    + I just uploaded my photos of Salisbury.

    + While in Salisbury on October 24, I went on the tour of the Salisbury Cathedral which goes back to the 13th century. The Salisbury Project and the Wiltshire Web also offer information and photos about the county of Wiltshire, the city of Salisbury and its cathedral which has the highest spire in England (404 feet).


    + http://www.pbase.com/image/11493909 is a photo of a rainbow on the A65 in Yorkshire. I didn't take this photo. We didn't even get to Yorkshire. But we did see a rainbow on the A34 near Oxford. Actually, it was a double rainbow. It was brilliant and it lasted for about a half-hour.

    + Here are some UK links which I had found before I started my trip blog >





    + As previously mentioned, we stayed at the lovely Pheasant Inn in Brosely while Mary was at her conference. This required a 7-mile commute for the 2 days of the conference. There were no more rooms at the Telford's Holiday Inn when I tried to make a reservation. I thought Mary had booked a room much earlier. She thought I had taken care of it!

    + Here is some more information (including many photos) about Shrewsbury and vicinity.

    + I did get to Salisbury's Market Square and the Salisbury Cathedral.

    + We didn't get to Stonehenge but the BBC 360 degree panorama photos might make you think you are there!

    + I just found a huge collection of photos of Cheshire including Malpas and Wrenbury. I tried to visit the Cholmondley Castle and Gardens but it was closed.

    + I just uploaded my photos of Malpas, a small Cheshire town I visited on October 23. I took a walk into the fields on a public pathway. Here's a map. The name of the church is St. Oswald's. A neat website I just found has information about it. It was built in the 14th century.


    + We traveled on these roads during our stay in the Telford area (October 21-23). Of course we got lost more than once! We stayed at the Pheasant Inn (on Church Street) in Brosely, a couple of miles South of the Iron Bridge Gorge (River Severn) where the industrial revolution began! We have very pleasant memories of the Pheasant Inn including a wonderful room - check out the picture on the right! - that's it!, 2 great full English breakfasts and their famous Tuesday evening fish and chips dinner.

    + Here's a Map of Salisbury which I visited on October 24. One of the great old cathedrals really dominates this town. You can see the spire for miles around.

    + Here's a Great UK map site > http://www.multimap.com/map/home.cgi?client=public&overviewmap=GB

    + During the trip, we left our car at JFK. This website gave us the information we needed >

    JFK Airport Parking > http://www.panynj.gov/aviation/jgrpmain.htm

    + Here are a bunch of websites I found last night about the English canals in general and the Shropshire Union Canal (which I encountered in Wrenbury - see my photos) in particular:







    + And here are some other websites about England I found last night:






    + I just found lots of photos of England (and many other places on the globe) at > http://www.worldisround.com/travel/index.html

    + I just learned that I was in Wiltshire when I visited Salisbury on October 24. I didn't realize until now that I had left Hampshire. Hampshire includes the New Forest.

    + Today I am posting photos from Shrewsbury. I visited this ancient town on October 22. A river, the Severn, runs around the center of the town. An ancient abbey stands East of the River near the English Bridge. A castle dominates a hill near the Welch Bridge and the railroad station.


    + Today I am posting photos from WRENBURY AND THE SHROPSHIRE CANAL. Wrenbury is a few miles North of Whitchurch in Cheshire. The Shropshire Canal runs through it. I got lost in the country lanes North of the village and had to backtrack! But I saw more of the canal that way.

    + The Harthill photos which I posted yesterday reveal the car which we drove for 5 days. It's a Jaguar. We got upgraded to this because of an error in communication by British Airways Holidays.


    + We saw a great comedy in London on Monday, October 20 > STONES IN HIS POCKETS > http://www.humbugsguide.co.uk/playreviews/stonesinhispockets.html

    + We saw a great musical in London on Sunday, October 26 > BOMBAY DREAMS > http://www.bombaydreams.com

    + I have begun to sort through the 416 photos I took. I have started a database. I took photos in London, Shropshire, Cheshire and Hampshire. The London photos include Big Ben, the Parliament Building, Westminster Bridge, Westminster Abbey, the Millenium Bridge, Tower Bridge, Picadilly Circus, Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, Kensington Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and Trafalgar Square. The Shropshire photos are all in Shrewsbury (I think!). The Cheshire photos include Malpas, Harthill (barely on the map) and Wrensbury (a canal runs through it). The Hampshire photos include the New Forest, Salisbury, St. Margaret's Church in East Wellow (Florence Nightingale's church and her burial place) and the home and garden of our hosts in West Wellow (I think that's their address). You can watch this collection grow by going to > http://www.pbase.com/abundancetrek/england_2003


    + We are now in the memories phase. I am downloading photos from my camera. We flew back to JFK yesterday with no repeat of my fainting incident! We enjoyed watching 2 flicks.

    + We went back to St. Paul's Cathedral on our last day in London (Monday, October 27). We went up into the dome and climbed all the stairs which are open to the public. Of course, I took lots of pictures. We also went to the famous Tower of London and walked and climbed up and down more stairs. Then we walked across the river on the magnificent Tower Bridge. On Sunday we walked to Westminster Abbey and were ushered to the quire for Matins. After that we walked over to Buckingham Palace. Then we took the tube to the Embankment Station (I think) and walked across the Millenium Bridge and into the Tate Modern Museum which is quite impressive. We then took the tube to Victoria Station which is right next to the theater where we saw BOMBAY DREAMS. We found a Spanish restaurant nearby and enjoyed delicious tapas. Then we went back to Soho and found the historic Dog and Duck Pub for a couple of beers. We met an American couple there and enjoyed a long conversation.

    + I am now in the process of downloading all of my photos on a very rainy day in western Massachusetts. We enjoyed many clear days in England albeit chilly and breezy at times.

    + http://uke.multimap.com/gb/A16025.htm is a link to a map of the English countryside in County Cheshire where I visited Malpas and Harthill and Wrenbury. A canal runs through Wrenbury. I saw many longboats docked there. The canal workers said the canal was about 40 miles long with 12 locks. Lots of people are enjoying the canals according to Kathy & Richard who put us up in their beautiful home near the New Forest, just north of Southampton.


    + Here are the 2 postings I made during the trip at internet cafes >


    + It is Sunday, October 26 in London > It is sunny and still a little chilly. We are having a fantastic time in the UK. After a couple of close calls, I learned how to drive on the "wrong" side of the road! Mary went to a faculty meeting at Southampton U led by the colleague we stayed with. The highlight of the Telford conference was the great disco. We danced till we dropped! Her presentation went well and she has met several new colleagues who will help her do research. I loved Shrewsbury and Salisbury. Shrewsbury - a river runs around it! The Savern. Salisbury - a river runs through it! Back in London, we are enjoying museums and today we saw a show, BOMBAY DREAMS. Now we are headed for an historic pun near Picadilly Circus.


    + It is Monday, October 20 in London > Here is my first email message to friends and family from London > Mary & I are getting around London pretty well. I got very sick on the plane but recovered rapidly. I was ridiculously cramped and it was about 85 degrees and they wouldn't turn down the heat even after Mary asked. Oh well. We're having fun now. We are staying at a hotel near Russell Square. Great part of town as Steve and John advised.

    We went to St Martin in the fields church yesterday. Very inspiring. Very liberal.

    Tomorrow we head for the Midlands and I drive on the left for the first time. Pray for us! Mary is presenting her research at a conference in Telford.

    I want to walk around Hyde Park and Kensington park now. Mary is visiting a clinic at St. Mary's Hospital near very busy Paddington Station. See you soon.


    + Big Ben and the houses of Parliament are very impressive. Now I have got to do some walking around Kensington Park and Hyde Park while Mary is at clinic. I will be meeting her and a nursing colleague for lunch at 1:00. See you later!


    Some great links will be here as well as some personal reflections.

    There will be a link to my photographs sometime in November.



    + I made a mistake in February when I first reserved our plane trip and rented a car. I thought we would need the car for the duration of our stay. But, we don't want the car in London where we are staying for the first 3 days of our trip and the last 3 days of our trip. So, I called British Airways Holidays and they were very helpful. I had to change the car rental by email since it was an internet reservation. So, I logged on to http://www.baholidays.com/home.jsp?chosenCountry=US&clearSess and emailed them and they made the change within 24 hours. So, instead of getting the car at Heathrow, we will get the car at a Hertz outlet near Russell Square on Tuesday and return it there on Saturday. We are paying $3 US more for 6 days less time! Oh, well. Live and learn!

    Some more websites >





    + Here's the nursing conference program at the Telford International Centre. Mary will speak at 2:30pm on Wednesday, October 22.


    + Now I've gone even further! I've booked 3 more nights in London. This time I chose the Regent Palace Hotel near Piccadilly Circus. Here's a map to locate it.

    + Click here for a map locating the Gresham Hotel in the Bloomsbury section of London. Two of our friends recommended that area >

    + After months of indecision, I finally went ahead and booked a London hotel, the Gresham Hotel, for the nights of October 18, 19 & 20.

    + Click here for London Hotel information.

    + I just found another link to the Pheasant Inn > http://www.pheasantinn.com/

    + Last night, we booked a room at the Pheasant Inn in Brosely for the nights of October 21 & 22. The PI is 7 miles South of Telford where Mary will be participating in an important Nursing Conference at the International Conference Centre. Here are driving directions from the PI to the ICC.


    + Here are some UK links >



    Pheasant Inn, Telford UK > http://www.pheasantinn.activehotels.com/TRP

    Telford International Centre > http://www.ticuk.com/pc.asp

    London Tube Map > http://tube.tfl.gov.uk/content/tubemap/images/pocket_map.gif

    Shropshire > http://www.virtual-shropshire.co.uk/