3. THE BURNING BUSH: Let's experience a way to "penetrate" and "pass into the infinite." Let's go to The Burning Bush. Let's use our imagination. This is one powerful way to hear God speaking to us. Take time. Trust your inner self. Listen. See. Touch. Taste.

Amazing things happen when we put our trust in our inner self which, paradoxically, is also our outer self which ultimately has no boundaries. This is the truth. The ancient and profound wisdom found at THE CHURCH OF I AM is the truth. Nobody can totally comprehend this truth. It is a mystery to everyone. It is fantastic. It is wonderful. WOW!

The Burning Bush, therefore, is both an inner and an outer event. What Moses experienced at the Burning Bush (Exodus 3:1-15) is no less than what Celtic spirituality calls a "thin place," a place where heaven and earth meet, where there are no boundaries at all. Moses got there and so can we. I AM.

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Stay here a while and marvel at the powerful Burning Bush. This fire which does not consume is always burning deep inside every creature. It pervades all of creation. A profound experience of The Burning Bush can be intense so get help from companions on the journey if this experience becomes scary. It is ultimately wonderful, fantastic, delightful, ecstatic. I invite you to share your experiences at The Burning Bush with others. I invite you to keep a journal of your spiritual experiences. You can share some of your writing with the rest of us. You can e-mail them to me at abundancetrek@yahoo.com

For a deeper exploration of this great truth, let's go to websites and books which teach us about The Perennial Philosophy, or Mysticism. As we continue this amazing journey, these books and websites will be "places" we come back to over and over again.

Let's go to an excellent but dated summary of The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley, one of the most significant teachers of The Perennial Philosophy. LET'S GO!

You may want to go to the Library or book store and get a copy of the great book by Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy. You can read a wiki about it here.

But wait. There's more. Mythos and Logos is a website which opens the door to all kinds of wisdom about The Perennial Philosophy, or Mysticism.

Also, you can go to a wiki on The Perennial Philosophy.


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