10. GOOD NEWS AMBASSADOR GUIDELINES: I wrote the Good News Ambassador Guidelines 25 years ago when I was a Pastor in Dearborn, Michigan. I may revise these some day because some of the language seems too hierarchical and exclusive but I believe the basic ideas are sound and worth sharing and embracing.

If you are not a Christian, you could change some of the words, such as using "God" or "Love" or "Creator" or "The All in All" or "Logos" or "Universe" instead of "Christ, the Lord of the Universe."

Here they are:

1 - I will constantly remember that Christ, the Lord of the Universe, loves me immensely, forgives me immensely, guides me immensely! And the same is true for every other human being on earth!

2 - I will constantly pray! I will praise God. I will give thanks for everything. I will ask for direction in all things. I will praise and support other human beings as much as possible.

3 - I will constantly share! I will share my faith. I will share my goods. I will share my talents. I will share my ideas. I will be a part of God's community. I will try to replace competition with cooperation.

4 - If I must be critical, I will choose the proper forum. I will be absolutely sure I know what I'm talking about. I will be as constructive and helpful as I can be. I will focus on the good that others are doing and tell them about it.

5 - I will honor my church with all the praise and all the help I can give. It is Christ's body on earth and deserves nothing less than all my heart, soul, strength and mind. I will give a significant share of time, talent and treasure to the church.

6 - I will learn as much as I can about Christ the Lord, about the church, about the world, about people. Then I will use my knowledge and wisdom to promote peace and justice.

7 - I will invite people to come to know Christ. I will help people experience the immense love Christ so graciously offers everyone.

-- John A. Wilde


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