1. LET'S GO! This is an amazing journey to places where the Holy Spirit leads us. Perhaps we will explore places where no one has gone before but that's not very likely. I need companions on this journey and I am inviting YOU to join me. YOU will add so much to this journey. It's a spiritual journey which I have been calling the Abundancetrek for many years now. This journey is eternal, endless, round and round, up and down. Lots of freedom. Lots of mystery. Lots of Love. The Holy Spirit is very respectful of our desire, indeed our need, to embrace endless variety in all things. We have a lot to learn about life. A journey is an opportunity to learn. Let's go! Let's learn. Let's explore. Let's discover. Let's share. Let's experience life in its amazing abundance.

This journey is by no means confined to the internet but the internet is one wonderful part of the journey. We can learn a lot as we travel from website to website. We can find a lot of wisdom and meaning and joy in many different websites.

Each "place" on this amazing journey will have a title. Some titles will be repeated but the exploration of every new "place" will reveal different scenery, ambience, traditions. Enjoy each "place." Stay as long as you want. Some of these "places" are so wonderful that you will want to stay and cherish the beauty, the wisdom, the peace, the joy, the abundance and even return from time to time. But please do come back to this particular tour, The Abundancetrek, for guidance and companionship on this deep spiritual journey.

WWW.ABUNDANCETREK.COM goes back to 1999. One of its features is Connections Galore, a comprehensive links page devoted mostly to spiritual websites and peace and justice websites. Another feature is Nine Heavenly Characteristics and 12 Spiritual Practices. LET'S GO!


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